Gough I.
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(20 Nov 1962)

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From K8CX QSL Gallery listing Gus Browning Operations----http://www.hamgallery.com/qsl/browning.htm

Log book excerpt:

Further--- I have been told that they didn't have Gough I. rubber stamps so the Gough QSLs were left blank or stamped with the Tristan da Cunha rubber stamp.

Taken from The Rochester DX Association Newsletter November 2001 ---------
"DX of the Past, November 1962 by Ed Gable, K2MP

The amateur DX community was buzzing with anticipation of a new entity coming on the air by venerable DXer Gus Browning, W4BPD. Gus had his sights on Norway's tiny, stormy, frigid Antarctic Outpost, Bouvet Island (LA0). Gus had just a few problems: he had no license, no permission to land and his ship wasn't scheduled to go there. Little things like that never bothered Gus before and the world believes that he will probably pull it off in December. In the mean time, Gus is at Gough Island and offering ZD9AM on 80 through 10 meters."